Monique Brown

About Monique

How long have you been with the company? I have been with Garden of the Gods Catering going on 3 years.

What is your favorite event that we’ve executed? I absolutely love Dutch heritage gardens, its been a blast every year, and getting to see all the gorgeous plants and flowers!

Why do you love what you do?  I absolutely adore working in Catering as it has always been my dream to become an Event Planner. When working in Catering for that day I’m a part of the family, here to make sure everything goes as well as possible, from making sure Grandma has her tea to ensuring a remarkable event. I absolutely adore the energy and unbridled joy that comes from being a part of someone’s special day.

When you’re not at work, where can we find you?  When I’m not at work you can find me enjoying the outdoors, hiking my way to the best fishing spot I can find in any weather.

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